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First Edition

Photographer, writer, and avid traveler Ty Jennings, takes us along as he fulfills a lifelong dream of traveling to Africa, a childhood promise unfulfilled. In the Summer of 2016, Ty was invited to follow the founders of two charitable organizations changing the way humanitarian aid is defined and delivered. With unprecedented access, Ty spent ONE WEEK traveling over 800 km by van, minibus, boat and bush plane between Rwanda and Uganda as each founder conducted meetings, checked in on the status of their projects, and paved the way for future endeavors. Seeing elephants, hippos and other safari life along the way.

Featuring a Foreword by Jay Wahl, Artistic Director of The Kimmel Center, Philadelphia - ONE WEEK: AFRICA (Rwanda/Uganda) is filled with over 140 photographs and more than a dozen essays, musings and observations by the author as he documents a trip most people would need weeks to accomplish - ONE WEEK: AFRICA (Rwanda/Uganda) is a visually rich, emotionally honest and touching tribute to a series of unpredictable moments and experiences, nearly halfway around the globe. All in under a week.


140 pages
Full Color, 8" x 10"
Hardcover - First Edition
ISBN - 9781389977084
Release Date: June 15, 2017
Publisher: AquarianStar Art

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